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By indicating your agreement to these application terms (for instance, by clicking the button), you, in your individual capacity, represent:

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    That you are authorized on behalf of the business listed in the application (the “Applicant”) to make and submit this application, to submit any accompanying documents, and to provide the consent and authorizations set out below.

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    That, should this application be approved, you are authorized to sign business financing documentation on behalf of the Applicant. Please be advised that some business financing products may require a personal guaranty.

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    That all information provided to Fundqube and/or its trusted partners is accurate and complete and that you will immediately notify Fundqube of any change in such information.

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    That Fundqube and its trusted partners may rely on the accurateness of the information provided.

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    That Fundqube may share all information and documents, excluding consumer credit reports, with its trusted partners to fulfill Applicant’s requests.

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    That Fundqube and its trusted partners may share information they have about you and Applicant at any time for administrative, marketing and servicing purposes as permitted by law and that your personal information may be shared with the Applicant as part of the underwriting process.

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    That you and the Applicant waive and release any claims against any information provided relating to the release of information.

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    That you agree to and accept all terms of the Fundqube Credit Gathering Authorization found here.

BY USING DH & RK Investments LCC dba Lendzi’S WEBSITE AND/OR REQUESTING THAT Lendzi CONTACT YOU FOR MARKETING PURPOSES, YOU AGREE TO ARBITRATE ALL CLAIMS BETWEEN YOU AND Lendzi (AND ANY ENTITY CALLING ON BEHALF OF Fundqube) ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS ONLY AND NOT AS A PART OF ANY CLASS. A “CLAIM” IS ANY CASE, CONTROVERSY, DISPUTE, TORT, DISAGREEMENT, LAWSUIT, LEGAL ACTION, OR CLAIM NOW OR HEREAFTER PENDING BETWEEN YOU AND Fundqube, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY ALLEGED STATE OR FEDERAL STATUTORY VIOLATION, OR ANY DISPUTE OVER THE INTERPRETATION OF THE TERMS OF APPLICATION OR THE ARBITRABILITY OF ANY CLAIM PURSUANT TO THE TERMS OF APPLICATION. THIS AGREEMENT TO ARBITRATE GOVERNS ALL PAST, CURRENT AND PROSPECTIVE INTERACTIONS WITH Lendzi. YOU AGREE THAT YOU ARE WAIVING ALL RIGHTS TO: (A) A TRIAL BY JURY; (B) PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT OR CLASS ACTION ARBITRATION; AND (C) BRING AN ACTION AGAINST Lendzi IN A COURT OF LAW. YOU MAY INDIVIDUALLY ARBITRATE ANY CLAIM AGAINST Fundqube IN ANY JURISDICTION IN THE UNITED STATES. THE RULES OF THE AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION THEN IN FORCE SHALL GOVERN THE ARBITRATION ( provided, however, that the terms of the Fundqube Terms of Application and Terms of Use shall control over any inconsistency between the Rules of the American Arbitration Association and the Terms of Application). The arbitrator shall have authority to interpret the Terms of Application, including but not limited to the authority to decide whether any claim is arbitrable under the Terms of Application and to decide issues related to the scope of arbitration, the rules of arbitration, the arbitrator’s jurisdiction, and the enforceability of the Terms of Application. You agree that the Terms Application involves commerce under 9 U.S.C. Sections 1 et seq. and that this Arbitration Clause is governed by federal law, including the Federal Arbitration Act. The remainder of the Terms of Application is governed by the laws of the state of Utah, as provided in the Terms of Use.


Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person and entity that opens an account or establishes a relationship with such institution, including name, address, date of birth, social security or tax identification number and other information that will allow the financial institution to verify your and/or the entity’s identity. You may also be asked to provide identifying documents.

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